Tuesday, May 3, 2016

the time my dad said he was a s secret agent

I  am going  to tell you a story no one else can tell you except me, and it is something I will never  forget. So I  was about 8 years of age when it happened and my brother I and will never  forget what happened to my dad that  night.At  the time I had a bedtime of 8-o clock  so I could get my sleep before  school and I was just not getting to sleep.My  dad tried everything he could think of before  wanting to lock me in the room so he finally said let me tell you a story when I was a secret agent.I  got quiet right away and was very excited.He told me he would  get into trouble if I told anyone so I said  I  wouldnt.Then  he said it  was very scary  what happened to someone at his work,and he said that it had to do with area 51.So I stood quiet, and then he said they were experimenting with aliens and.. humans.He just said  it with detail, so I was scared to  death.Of  course I told someone at school and I was told  it wasn't  true and I said  my dad said it was true  and it scared  everyone.So,later  that night my dad got a phone call and the teachers  weren't very happy  
at  all and he had to come to the school and say he was sorry to all the parents and teachers that were  at the oh, and the kids to.That  is what I and my brother will never forget that happened  to my dad, and that's worsen than if it really was true because I had to go to a different to school which meant I had to move,and my mom wasn't to happy about that.

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